Single Serve Coffee Makers Can Do More Than Just K Cups

Not long after our brand new single-serve coffee maker came, we started brewing up a storm. The first time, my wife and I could grab whatever flavour we fancied and brew it up in short order. We cleared out the old coffee maker and attempted to package our set of Green Mountain k cups to the cupboards in some semblance of order. It soon became obvious to us that this was not a very workable solution. We ended up buying a carousel to hold the k cups, a perfect solution for anyone who likes to have many different coffees, teas or perhaps cocoa accessible.


Then we got to thinking about other possibly useful accessories for our new single-serve coffee maker. We had a pound or two of ground coffee still in the cupboards, a bag of whole beans in the pantry and yet another from the freezer. We could not just throw all of it off! It got us wondering whether there was some way we can use all of our staying coffee with the Keurig. I noticed that one of the most frequent items sold together with the version we purchased was the Keurig K Cup reusable coffee filter.


This is a clear and innovative necessity for anyone using a single-serve brewer. It holds a few tablespoons of coffee and is rather simple to take apart and wash. More hassle than the K Cup, but we feel much better than we aren't wasting someone of our coffee. One minor issue is that there's a bit of splashing where the coffee comes from the floor, but it isn't too big a deal.


In a short couple of weeks, we managed to completely change the way we brew coffee and learn about a few accessories too.

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